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Why 'The Permanent Booru'?

The 'Permanent' part is taken from two factors.

One being this site was developed as an alternative to the deterioating booru With the staff being trigger happy on the nuke button, this site is an actual attempt at archiving everything furry. Permanently.

The other factor is with the use of IPFS and it's data location permanency. Once a files url is known, it will never not be there!

What is allowed on here?

Art with relations to furry culture.

This means all art from artists who has done some furry art.

Art from universes where furry characters exists.

How do I use IPFS?

Download, install and run an IPFS daemon.

Install the IPFS Companion addon on your browser

Alternatively set the 'Gateway' on /options/ to your nodes gateway

Note: IPFS does not work with tor browser

Why doesn't my IPFS node work?

IPFS is still in heavy development.

You can try to couple with the storage node by issuing:
ipfs config Peering.Peers --json '[{"ID": "QmajRPiE14o8nrf4aQyuCDUQEuNjgWA5TkJPCZn25Rxyag","Addrs": []}]'


You can find ~monthly dumps at /ipns/k51qzi5uqu5dk77q3or43pdczynmc25ui1uith1cim83vkw4tm3m4tacqcyi5z and live root of all files at /root/

Where is the source code?

The source code is available at


Donations are appreciated but not expected. Most proceeds will go to infrastructure improvements.

You can find various cryptocurrency addresses on github.